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Why You Want A Better Bra

When shopping for bras, it is tempting to want to go for the deal and not spend on the better bra.  In 2017, a report showed that 65% of U.S. women spend $30 or less for bras, yet want to rip it off because it rides up, digs in, sags, twists, or scratches. A great bra can mean the difference between comfort and misery, and it means paying up front for the quality that will go the distance without requiring early replacements that end up costing more in the end. 

Why do we try to get away with spending the bare minimum when we should be investing in quality support and fit from the start? The willingness to budget for better bras is a big part of our spending mindset, and the adage is true:You get what you pay for.” That $30 bra from the big box store won’t save money when it’s ill-fitting, poor quality, and ends up tossed to the back of the lingerie drawer never to be seen again. 

Purchasing a great bra means paying upwards of $80-$200. Why the high price tag? Better design, better construction, better fabric, better fit, cut, and sewn by skilled individuals all come together in a more comfortable, longer-lasting bra. Say in one year, you will buy three great bras for $80 each. The rule of thumb is that it will last 100-125 wears before it starts to break down. That’s $240 for a year of comfort and support. Meanwhile, the poor-quality $30 bra that loses shape after a month would require purchasing 12 bras to try to achieve the same fit and number of wears throughout the year. At $360, no one is saving much money by going this route, not to mention the extra hassle, waste, and misery endured while wearing a bad bra. 

Somewhere in-between is the mid-range, quality bra from a lingerie chain that may cost more and last a little longer, but still will not offer the fit, comfort, and longevity of a high-quality bra. 

And, when making the choice of comfort and fit over misery, buy that mesh bag, too! Quality bras will typically fit and support best for 12-18 months, depending on how often it is worn.  How well they are taken care of also has an impact. Give your bras the TLC they deserve to save money in the long term.  If you have the time to hand wash, that is best; if not, toss them in a mesh lingerie bag and wash them on delicate. Always hang to dry to avoid damage from the heat in the dryer. 

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