Welder wearing full protection gear including helmet, suit, and gloves while welding metal.

What’s Wrong with Wearing Base Layers that are not Fire Resistant (Non-FR)?

We know you love your comfy athletic wear that keeps you cooler in hot situations. The moisture-wicking properties in these lightweight garments feel great under the warmth that some flame-resistant clothing can cause. The thought of layering flame-resistant clothing makes you cringe, right? But not wearing these garments is increasing your chances of getting hurt on the job.

Why does it matter? Did you know that the fabrics traditional athletic wear is made from can melt and stick to your skin when exposed to high temperatures? This happens even when your outer layers are FR! These synthetic fibers can also release toxic fumes when exposed to fire. Because these garments are NOT flame-resistant, they can easily catch fire and continue to burn and increase your risk of serious injuries.

What if…there was a super comfy option that not only provides the same great moisture wicking benefits and lightweight airiness you love but ALSO gives you superior protection from heat, fire, and molten metal? Seraphina Safety Apparel products are designed to do just that! We have taken the most protective flame-resistant materials on the market, that are also the most comfortable to wear, and created the ultimate in underlayer protection. You can have that same great cooling feel and know that should a hazard present itself, you have the added protection of protective base layers. 

There is no substitute to having the right safety gear for the job (or the right fit for your bra) and that starts with the clothing next to your skin. Wearing the right base layer protection can be life saving when unexpected dangers occur. Protect your skin and your life by wearing Seraphina Safety Apparel. 

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