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Empowering Worker’s Choice in Flame Resistant Clothing

In industries where flame-retardant (FR) clothing is a workplace necessity, women are becoming more aware of issues caused by wearing meltable undergarments under their FR daily wear.  For their safety and well-being, it is not only important to wear the appropriate protection underneath other flame-resistant clothing, but also to consider health-related side effects that can occur if next-to-skin options are doused with chemicals.  Dialog around FR clothing has intensified as side effects are being reported when undergarments made from some self-extinguishing fabrics begin to off-gas from body heat when worn next-to-skin.  The reported side effects include headache, nausea, and dizziness. Because of this, safety professionals and PPE purchasing agents are starting to take a deeper look at the importance of what women wear in the workplace.

Another concern emerging from these discussions is the potential health risks associated with certain flame-retardant chemicals and additives. Some of these substances have raised alarms due to their possible effects on fertility, hormonal disruptions, and developmental issues, particularly when exposed for prolonged periods or in high concentrations.

The significance of these concerns is magnified for women who are considering pregnancy or are already concerned about their reproductive health. In response, a growing number of women in roles where flame-retardant clothing is required are seeking alternatives that offer flame resistance with fewer chemical treatments, especially for undergarments.

Thankfully employers are recognizing the importance of employee well-being and are increasingly embracing the need for safer flame-resistant options. Women’s voices are driving this shift, compelling companies to prioritize not only the effectiveness of FR clothing but also the potential health impact on their workforce.

Choosing less chemically treated garments that still provide the necessary flame resistance is becoming a proactive approach for women in these industries. Beyond merely meeting compliance standards, these individuals are championing a culture of safety that aligns with their broader health and wellness concerns.

Women and companies alike are choosing Seraphina Safety for their FR undergarments because of their commitment to both protection and well-being. Crafted from an inherently flame-resistant material, Seraphina Safety stands out for not relying on added chemicals to achieve flame resistance. This ensures a non-toxic, PFAS-free solution, alleviating concerns of chemicals being absorbed into delicate skin. Beyond its safety attributes, Seraphina is known for superior fit, comfort, and moisture-wicking capabilities. Unlike other brands that use self-extinguishing fabrics with limited protective windows, Seraphina utilizes a non-igniting fabric, offering unparalleled protection from heat, fire, and molten metal.

The flame-resistant clothing conversation is evolving, and women are at its forefront, ensuring that the choices made today resonate with a future where safety and well-being go hand in hand.

As women continue to prioritize their safety and comfort, we would love to help you select Seraphina Safety as the brand of choice for those seeking a chemical-free, flame-resistant protective clothing for their workplace attire.  Contact us at [email protected] or at 800-946-0897 to learn more.

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