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Getting Comfy with Performance Protective FR Gear

Performance protection – the next frontier in PPE – for women! Seraphina Safety Apparel brings to life the value of burn injury prevention and reduction by protecting your skin from workplace dangers.

Protective solutions you never knew you needed and won’t imagine being without are now available. We’ve listened and have made your problems ours to solve. Seraphina Safety Apparel set out to develop a Total Body Protection System to be what you need when you need it.

With flame-resistant next-to-skin options for all women, you can step away from the distractions of ill-fitted PPE and focus on your task at hand in pursuit of returning home safely. Built on innovation and designed by women for women, Seraphina is the first to develop protective performance apparel from non-igniting, non-toxic inherently flame-resistant technical fabrics with a focus on comfort, fit, and sizing.

Our approach to innovation is to completely disrupt the status quo of what the industry has traditionally made available to women through the creation of new product categories and improving upon existing solutions to equalize the safety apparel market and boost overall protection. Our outside perspective gave us a unique view of what is missing and what is wrong with current garments in the market.

We believe in equal protection by offering innovative, high-quality, American-made safety apparel for women. We value fearlessness, determination, and commitment to doing things right and doing them well. Our key focus is to create new products through superior innovation by taking daring and informed risks and asking, “What next?” With the utmost respect for the jobs performed and the dangers at hand, we are committed to ensuring we can make you safer. Seraphina Safety Apparel protects women better.