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Seraphina Safety Apparel

Game-Changing Protection from Fire, Heat, and Molten Metal

Flame-Resistant (FR) Performance Gear designed to keep you cool, dry & protected in dangerous situations.

Women's FR Clothing

Men's FR Clothing


Performance Protection Benefits

Moisture-Wicking Icon featuring arrows point upwards with water droplets below.

Moisture Wicking

Why moisture management matters – when you’re hot, material that pulls moisture away from the skin allows sweat to evaporate quickly and provides you with a feeling of coolness.
Odor-Resistant Icon showing odor waves crossed out.

Odor Resistant

Odors vanish when bacteria can’t mix with moisture. Neutralize bacteria before it interacts with sweat and avoid unwanted smells throughout your workday.
Lightweight & Breathable Icon featuring air waves below a piece of fabric with arrows above pointing upwards.

Lightweight & Breathable

An important feature that diffuses moisture to prevent you from overheating and allows air to pass through, which keeps you comfortable.

Super Soft Comfort Icon featuring a feather on top of a stack of fabric.

Super-Soft Comfort

Non-irritating against the skin and easy to wear, the fabric feels good while performing tasks in hot and potentially dangerous conditions.
Non-Igniting/Flame-Resistant Icon featuring a flame with an arrow pointing away.

Non-Igniting/Flame Resistant

Protection from heat, fire, and molten metal that will not burn, melt, or ignite when exposed to direct flame or heat of thermal hazards. Even after intense exposure, it maintains its strength and integrity. It is highly resistant to molten metal splash, flammable liquids, and certain chemicals and provides excellent protection from arc flash hazards. It also limits heat transfer much more effectively than FR fabrics and apparel of similar weight.

Non-Toxic Icon featuring a circle with arrows and leaves in the middle.


Good for the skin! The fabric is less likely to cause skin irritation and discomfort or side effects like headaches and nausea. And it’s better for the planet, too!

Woman wearing Seraphina Safety's Flame Resistant FR bra and boy short set.

Available in sizes XS-3X. Sizes 4X-6X available through custom order!

Innovative, Next-Generation Protective Apparel

The next frontier in PPE – Performance protective FR gear! Protect your skin (and your personal assets) from potential burn injuries with the only FR (flame-resistant) safety bra designed by women for women. Made with non-igniting, inherently FR fabric, the Active FR Racerback Safety Bra provides hours of comfort with unrestricted movement and cooling while keeping sweat away from your skin with its moisture-wicking, odor resistant, and breathability benefits.

What Our Customers Say About Our Protective Gear

Woman wearing a welding helmet, gloves and jacket with Seraphina Safety's Flame Resistant FR t-shirt and legging set underneath.
I love the Active Long Sleeve shirt. Sparks don’t get through to my skin at all. Unlike the usual cotton sleeves I would wear, this fabric is amazing and keeps heat and sparks from burning me. The high neck also keeps anything from getting in. It’s a very comfortable shirt to wear.

Rachel Leonelli -

Sarah Montgomery Race Car Driver
We are required to wear FR undergarments under our driver suits, and Seraphina Safety Apparel has amazing products. I love the Active FR Racerback Safety Bra, the Active FR Boy Short, as well as the Active FR Long Sleeve and Jogger. All of these are so comfortable to wear and actually fit!

Sarah Montgomery-
Race Car Driver

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