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2022 Women in Construction Week Fashion Show

What do Seraphina Safety Apparel, Covergalls Inc., DoveTail Workwear, JunoJones, and Xena Workwear all have in common?  We are all amazing workwear brands for women being highlighted in the fashion event of the year for women in construction!  Women in Construction Week starts Monday, March 7 and in Houston, the fashion show taking place on Wednesday, March 10, is a much anticipated event.  Women in the trade will be able to view the latest apparel available from these brands who all strive to bring equality to women in the safety apparel game.  Increasing the awareness that protective clothing and footwear is available specifically for women provides women the opportunity to be fully and appropriately protected on the job.  Check out the...

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"Where Are the Women in Oil and Gas?" .... shared from Ally Energy

Written by: Jen Simpson How we can ‘break that gas ceiling’ “Where are the women in oil and gas?” wondered author Rebecca Ponton, once she began attending conferences. She would see women ‘landmen’ in large numbers starting in 2011 (women running title to determine mineral ownership in a property). But as soon as she went to conferences where top executives in onshore and offshore would speak, the numbers dropped off a cliff.... For the full article, visit:   Rebecca spoke at Pink Petro’s monthly ‘Coach’s Corner’ in May, sharing her own story of the often heroic journeys of the women pioneers who paved the way for those who came behind them. Her book, recently published, is called ‘Breaking the...

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Don't Burn Baby Burn

 While I love "Disco Inferno" by the Trammps, it is best kept as a great song and not something you experience on the job.  When I was asked to begin creating  flame resistant undergarments for women, it was my buddy at Lincoln Electric who shared with me the burns they were seeing in the industry.  Women were not being adequately protected and that is just an unacceptable fact.  Having 10+ years of experience in the bra industry seemed like a perfect fit (pun intended) for me to research the current need and develop products to protect women.  One of the early articles that I came across was in a Motor Trend article from 2014.  It reviewed articles of clothing that...

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The Importance of Protecting Your Personal Assets

There are more women entering fields today that require flame retardant clothing which makes the need for specialty items essential as well. While a few options exist, there is definitely room for improvement. As with any undergarment, fit is especially important if the garment is to truly do the job assigned to it.  The products I saw available for women to choose from had been an assortment of "wrap" style "sports" bras that offered minimum fit and even less structure and design to provide any amount of support. Women need more than just a cover. Loose, poorly fit bras offer minimal protection if gaping or riding occur. For years as a professional fitter, I have seen the wrongs of poorly...

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