Product of the Year- Seraphina Active Sports Bra

We have been working to create and develop meaningful flame resistant garments that are not only made from one of the most protective fabrics on the market, but also made in a sustainable way to ensure we continue pursuing our mission.  Made in the USA is important to us and we are proud of the direction our mission is taking us. 

Imagine our joy in receiving the email from OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) on July 28, 2022 telling us our Active Fit Sport Bra received a 2022 New Product of the Year award!  The development of this product has not been without trial and error, blood, sweat, and tears.  Ok, maybe not blood, but a lot of sweat and tears to get everything right.  The style, the fit, the skill of those who could actually sew the product in the right way to make it what it is. 

To look at it, one may see a bra, but to us, we see all of the design elements that finally came together to give us the size range we demanded.  We see pattern pieces that were graded once, then twice, then thrown out and started again to get the cup to fit without being pointy.  We see the numerous pieces (13 in fact) that are all hand cut – twice because it is lined – from a fabric that seems so delicate yet requires a special blade to cut through it.  We see the hours spent determining which stitching type would give flex where we needed it and strength somewhere else.  We see the components such as the slides on the straps and the specialty elastic all flame resistant and certified to endure the hottest, and most dangerous conditions and all sourced from USA manufacturers and made in the USA.  We see the design of the slide cover to bring additional protection and comfort for the consumer who will surely be wearing it in environmental conditions most would prefer to avoid.  We see the pending utility patent that will secure all of the hard work and dedication that went in to bringing this product from an idea to a reality that will provide the ultimate in protection to those who choose to wear it. 

Just a bra?  No, it is a badass protector of personal assets that works to keep women looking the same after a thermal incident as they did getting dressed that morning.  Women are working hard on the job and are making positive impacts in every workplace.  Seraphina Safety Apparel will continue working hard to create and develop safety apparel that protects and supports women along the way. 

Thank you OH&S for recognizing what it takes to be a change maker.  Congratulations to all of the winners whose efforts in making a difference have been rewarded.  We are happy to stand among all of them listed below:

EHS Software

Benchmark Digital Partners LLC: Benchmark ESG Med Data

Electrical Safety

Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.: Leviton Powerswitch Disconnect Switch with Inform Technology

Emergency Response

Blackline Safety: Product Partnership: G7 EXO & Vlahi Systems Plume Monitoring

Guardhat: Guardhat Gas Detection and Analytics Solution

Emergency Showers & Eyewash

Haws Corporation: AX16 AXION Advantage Lab Eye/Face Wash Retrofit Kit

Fall Prevention

MSA Safety: MSA Cable Temporary Horizontal Lifeline

Fall Protection: Harness/SRL

FallTech: 8' FT-X EdgeCore Class 2 Leading Edge Personal SRL

Foot Protection: Transitional Styles

KEEN Utility: Roswell

Hand Protection: Chemical/Liquid- Resistant

Mechanix Wear: Mechanix Wear SpeedKnit Nitrile Coated M-PACT Gloves

Superior Glove: STXWPNVB

Hand Protection: Impact-Resistant

Mechanix Wear: Mechanix Wear SpeedKnit Nitrile Coated M-PACT Gloves

Hand Protection: Puncture- Cut/Resistant

Magid: D-ROC DX+ Technology Coreless Work Glove

Head Protection

Malta Dynamics: Malta Dynamics Type II Safety Helmet

Hearing Protection

Honeywell: Honeywell Impact In-Ear PRO

Heat Stress Protection

MSA Safety: MSA V-Gard C1 Hard Hat

High Visibility Products

Portwest: PW342 - PW3 Hi-Vis Extreme Rain Pants

Industrial Hygiene – Dust Control

EXAIR Corporation: HollowStream Liquid Atomizing Spray Nozzle

Industrial Hygiene – Gas Monitors

MSA Safety: MSA ALTAIR io 4 Gas Detection Wearable

Infectious Disease Control

Vaask: Vaask

Internet of Things

Guardhat: Guardhat Worker Condition Monitoring Solution

Lifting Safety

Andax Industries: Transformer Containment Bag | Bag it 'n Tag it


Streamlight, Inc.: Streamlight Survivor X

On-site Training

e-Hazard: Low Voltage Qualified Electrical Safety Training and Hands-on Skills Demonstration

PPE for Women

Radians, Inc.: Radians SJ930-3 Women's Class 3 Quilted Bomber Jacket

Seraphina Safety Apparel & Manufacturing, LLC: Active Fit Sport Bra

Protective Apparel

SureWerx: Due North GripPro Spikeless

Respiratory Protection

Honeywell: Honeywell North Primair 900 Series Headgear

Safety Barriers

A-SAFE Inc: A-SAFE StepBumper

Safety Knives/Cutters

Slice: Slice Auto-Retractable Squeeze-Trigger Utility Knife

Safety Monitoring Devices

SOBRsafe: SOBRcheck

Signage & Identification

Andax Industries: Transformer Containment Bag | Bag it 'n Tag it

Transportation Safety

Andax Industries: Big Containment Pac

Vision Protection

Gateway Safety: SteelyBlues Metal Detectable Safety Eyewear

Wearable Devices

MSA Safety: MSA ALTAIR io 4 Gas Detection Wearable

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