Where I Started....

Hi! I am Kelly. 

How did I get to this point? It's a universe kind of thing really.  After 10 years of owning my bra boutique, I sold it in October 2018 to help my son, who was 18 at the time, get sponsored as a driver in his pursuit of drag racing. 

In December 2018, we attended the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show in hopes of learning more about how to get Andrew involved at the next level.  A conversation with top fuel female driver, Ashley Sanford, who I had fitted for sports bra while I still had my boutique, went to a new level while meeting at the Lincoln Electric booth during PRI.  In discovering my design and fit experience, as well as my background in healthcare, the question was raised about the development of flame resistant base layers for women since so few options existed.  My husband, Mark, quickly jumped in to say "yes, she can," and so it began.  What I thought I had walked away from (my bra boutique that I so dearly loved), came back to me in an entirely different way. 

I spent most of 2019 researching  and developing the designs and fit to get them perfected so that women had true options and not just fabric thrown together and labeled as "for women."  I took what I knew to be great fitting options and altered them to become the true products they needed to be for the women they would serve. 

By year end, I was ready to launch what I referred to as my "Core 4" product line up which included a patent pending bra design.  Wear trials had been completed and inventory made in preparation for sales.  In March of 2020, COVID 19 shut most of the businesses in the USA down.  My sales outlets and distribution opportunities fell away.  I used this time to design more products and extend the line into areas beyond base layer and industries outside of Motorsports.  

Today, Seraphina Safety Apparel serves the needs of women in Motorsports along with the female industrial athletes working in the professions of Petrochemical, Electrical & Utility, Paper & Pulp, Mining, Steel, Fire Safety, Military & Ballistics and more.

The best of what Seraphina Safety Apparel offers to women is the ability to grow with the needs women have.  I encourage you to submit requests for products and design ideas so that I continue to be your #1 source for protective apparel.  I started because of you and will continue to serve because of you.  It is my mission to be sure that my products are relevant and give you the best protection available. 

To your safety,