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Ambassadors & Referral Program

Learn about our ambassador program, its benefits, and how to apply

Woman wearing Seraphina Safety's flame resistant FR bra and boy shorts with a construction vest on top.

About the Ambassadors & Referral Program

Seraphina Safety Apparel offers an ambassadors program for individuals who are passionate about promoting our brand and advocating for women’s safety in various industries. Our ambassadors are a vital part of our mission to provide high-quality, comfortable, and protective apparel to women.

Ambassadors wanted

We are seeking individuals who are active in their communities and social media platforms and are enthusiastic about promoting our brand. Our ambassadors are passionate about women’s safety and believe in the quality and effectiveness of our products. As an ambassador, you will be responsible for promoting our brand through your social media channels, word-of-mouth referrals, and other creative methods.

Ambassador Benefits

As a Seraphina Safety Apparel ambassador, you will receive numerous benefits, including:

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