Image of Seraphina Safety's Flame Resistant active bra with lines pointing to the following features presented as text: Avoid The Stretch, Construction, and Fabric Excellence.

3 Key Elements of a Great Bra

We have talked a lot about why investing in good bras is a smart decision. Now, what do we need to consider when looking for the best bra? Here are 3 key elements to keep in mind. 

Fabric Excellence: First, the fabric can determine how well a bra will hold up to the task at hand. Look for a bra crafted from high-quality fabric – one that wicks away sweat (especially if it is a sports bra).

Avoid the Stretch: The best way to tell if you are buying quality: give the straps and band a tug.  If they stretch way out, walk away. Stretchy fabric breaks down, which doesn’t give you the same lift and support. All of the support in a bra comes from the band and the side support. The fabric needs to be tighter. Less than 10% of the support comes from the straps.  

Construction: Precision based with the right stitch type in the right spot can mean the difference between one that fits perfectly and one that’s a waste of money.  

And remember, buy the mesh bag! Keep your bras fresh and increase their longevity with the use of a mesh lingerie bag for washing. Using the lingerie bag allows them to be washed without causing damage to the bra. Always hang to dry and avoid the heat of the dryer.  

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