The Positive Side of Maturity

I was told by a potential investor in my business that I was "too mature" to be the face of my business.  

My eyes are sensitive to light, but fortunately, can see through BS quite well.  I have earned every laugh line, squint line, and any other as proof of life. And wisdom comes with maturity.

Maturity has taught me many things. Life has been easy. Life has been hard. Life has been rewarding. Life has been challenging. Life has been happy. Life has been sad. Life has been abundant. Life has been unfair.  For every positive, there is a negative but my life has always been the only one I have and the only run through I get. So, I try to see the positive side I get to experience and find the lesson in anything else. Maturity has granted me this wisdom. 

It is true that without bad we wouldn't appreciate or possibly understand the good. I try to quickly move on or away from the bad so I do not get taken down by negative emotions, people, or experiences. The only thing I can ever control is me; my thoughts, my responses, my actions, and my choices. Maturity has given me this perspective.. 

I have lost, failed, and been down many times, and I have always gotten back up.  Life goes on, and I'm not going to let it go on without me. All of this is about the journey, not the destination. Am I too mature to be the face of my own business? No. Maturity has brought me this strength. 

But here's the thing; I am not the face of my brand.  The women working in the occupations my apparel protects them from are the face of my brand.  The face of my brand is not a face at all; it is a collage of intelligent, courageous, strong, fun, serious, family loving, friend inspiring, empowering, pioneering, motivated, badass women that I, as an individual, could never represent.  

Collectively, we represent all women living life on their terms while mentoring other women who want to do the same. The power of all is much greater than the power of one.  When we show through our actions what is possible, it is easier to realize that nothing is impossible. 

Too mature? No! Mature enough to realize the investor wasn't a fit for my business? Absolutely!  And I am grateful for all of it.

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