FR Tech Cool Down Socks 5 Day Pack

$178.00 $210.00

Buy 5 Pair & SAVE! 

Our favorite flame-resistant, moisture-wicking socks keep feet safe and dry all day.  Eliminate sweaty socks and foot fungus!  Our cushioned crew length socks are beyond comfortable. 


Laundering does not affect the protective properties of our products. Because they are inherently flame resistant, the thermal protection will not wash out or wear away. Seraphina Safety apparel can be worn daily as part of a total PPE solution, providing significant value to your overall protection.

Wash in cold water on delicate with Molecule Wash. Use Molecule Spot Remover for stains. DO NOT USE AN INDUSTRIAL CLEANING SERVICE. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Hang dry when possible. Machine drying is not recommended. Dry on low heat if necessary, using caution not to over dry. Do not dry clean.  

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