The Importance of Protecting Your Personal Assets

There are more women entering fields today that require flame retardant clothing which makes the need for specialty items essential as well. While a few options exist, there is definitely room for improvement. As with any undergarment, fit is especially important if the garment is to truly do the job assigned to it.  The products I saw available for women to choose from had been an assortment of "wrap" style "sports" bras that offered minimum fit and even less structure and design to provide any amount of support. Women need more than just a cover. Loose, poorly fit bras offer minimal protection if gaping or riding occur.

For years as a professional fitter, I have seen the wrongs of poorly designed bras and the damage they cause to women. When I took on the challenge of finding the right combination of design, structure, support and comfort in a bra that also is flame retardant, I relied on this knowledge to create products that are designed for fit and function. Why make something if you have no concern with the value it does (or in this case doesn't) add to the customer?

The  success we have had in creating comfortable supportive bras and other base layer garments has been very exciting.  The products are lightweight and made from performance fabrics that meet / exceed the NFPA 2112 and 70E requirements as well as the SFI certification standards.  I am grateful that Lincoln Electric asked me to go on this journey and for having the relationships in place to make it happen.

Staying ahead of the curve and seeing an unmet need is an inherent strategy to making products people really can use; products that truly solve a problem. After all, isn't being of service to others what it's all about?  Feedback from our wear trials with driver development programs, Chevron, Lincoln Electric and others  led us to where we are today, and your input and suggestions will continue to move us forward in our pursuit to create what women need. 

If you or someone you know works in an industry requiring flame retardant clothing, please share this information. Let us know what we can do to serve you.  We have a lot of talking to do.

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