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Active Tank Sport Bra
Active Tank Sport Bra
Active Tank Sport Bra

Active Tank Sport Bra

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When you slip into a bra by Seraphina Safety Apparel, you will know why the brand is known for its design and craftsmanship. What sets Seraphina bras apart is the brand's meticulous construction process that is unique in the industry today. Bras by Seraphina are virtually hand made and tested for quality so that you get the best bra experience possible. Hand cut pieces are constructed to create a custom-like fit that's hard to find any where else. Seraphina bras are made so that you are wearing a custom-fit bra with such details as support panels, deep cups, and custom elastic so that bras aren't just well constructed, they are comfortable all day as well.

A seriously fabulous sport bra with racer back and comfort stay straps.  The Flex Stitch design with this bra gives you the ability to bend, twist, reach and lift without giving up support and fit.  The no-rise band keeps the bra in place with all the activity of your day so you can focus on the task at hand and not pulling your bra down all day. 

  • Performance fabric 
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Permanently flame resistant
  • Meets standards for ASTM F 1506/ NFPA 1971/ NFPA1975/ NFPA1977/ NFPA 2112
  • TPP 9.5/ ATPV 10.0 CAL/CM2/ HRC 2
  • After Flame: None/0 seconds.  Char Length: 9.398 (0.37")
  • Sizes XS- 4XL

Care Instructions: Wash in cold water on delicate with Molecule Wash. Use Molecule Spot Remover for stains. DO NOT USE AN INDUSTRIAL CLEANING SERVICE. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Hang dry when possible. Machine drying is not recommended. Dry on low heat if necessary, using caution not to over dry. Do not dry clean.