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Paper & Pulp

Paper & Pulp

In the pulp and paper mills, professionals are often exposed to many different hazards including molten smelt; hot ash; black, white, and green liquor every day.  Many of these mills are in the hottest, most humid parts of the country which make the working conditions even more dangerous. Wearing the proper safety apparel is essential in these environments. 

Individuals working in these mills are not only exposed to respiratory irritants, but flash fire and scalding are also daily dangers.  An errant spark from a tool or piece of machinery can cause the dust in the air to catch fire making this an always present danger.  

Seraphina Safety Apparel uses non-flammable fabrics appropriate for various positions throughout the paper industry. Whether workers are operating a forklift, working with heavy machinery, or involved in the boiling or evaporating processes, be sure you are adequately protected from the dangers each job presents.

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