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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Base layer coverage for that last line of defense when danger strikes.  Seraphina Safety Apparel is unmatched protection in a comfortable, easy to wear fabric that moves with you throughout the day

Professionals working in oil and gas are specialized in many different processes and face greater risk than that of other U.S. industries by 7 times.  Protection from chemical exposure, explosions, and flash fire is a must. 

By their nature, oil and gas are highly flammable, and accidents at rigs and refineries have the potential to be cataclysmic. It’s not just the product itself, but the vapors emanating during the collection, refining, and delivering process also pose the potential to catch fire.  Outside influences such as lighting strikes, sparks from tools in use and even static electricity can create hazardous situations that cannot be controlled.

Seraphina Safety Apparel uses non-flammable fabrics to provide the best protection possible against burns that can result from fires and explosions in the gas and oil industry.

Our base layers—including bottoms, tops, long johns, hoods, gloves, socks, and more—are both fireproof and comfortable. Designed to fit snugly and move with you, they are lightweight and breathable, yet offer the best protection available against heat and flames.

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