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Arc Flash

Arc Flash

Those who work with electricity understand the danger of electrocution it brings with it in addition to the danger of fire from arcing, welding, explosion or other sources.  Added to this danger is the limited ability to move away from the danger. 

The intense energy produced by an arc flash explosion can super-heat the surrounding air to 35,000°F in less than a second. Facing this constant erratic threat, utilities professionals must wear safety apparel that offers the highest level of persistent protection—even when exposed to the brutal effects of electrical arcing.

The non-flammable fabrics used in Seraphina Safety Apparel protect electrical workers from burns on the job. Our base layer selection of flame resistant clothing includes tops, leggings, hoods, socks, gloves, and more. Designed to fit snugly and move with you, they are lightweight and breathable, yet offer the best protection available against heat and flames.

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